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Added Value by using TTL Recruitment Services

Basic Premises:

1)      The service is free. Our clients are able to assess the quality of the candidate and then determine if the person brings enough value to warrant hiring. No retainer is required.

2)      Recruiting costs are investments in building value of a company.

3)      Most companies look at recruiting fees as simply an overhead cost (oftentimes simplistically amortized over a 1 year timeframe) and do not  analyze the complete added value of improving their recruiting efforts from a strategic vantage point.


Our Clients reported the following benefits realized from improved recruiting:

bulletGain in revenue due to rapidly filled positions
bulletGain in profits due to growing pool of billable talent
bulletManagement able to focus on keeping employees and customers happy rather than interviewing all of the time
bulletMinimizing the chances that competitive firms have of competing against you.
bulletProper hiring of the best candidates minimizes turnover
bulletCustomer goodwill dramatically enhanced resulting in repeat business, new business expansion on existing contracts, referrals to new customers from existing ones.
bulletIncrease in equity value of company
bulletIncreased morale reduces turnover and increases employee referrals. Employees feel demoralized when their company can't staff with other high-caliber talent.
bulletHiring "multiple threat" engineers (those capable of billable technical work, new business development, technical leadership) on a consistent basis dramatically impacts growth. These people must be recruited aggressively.
bulletManagement time spent on interviewing the wrong candidates, hiring and managing average talent, and/or resolving performance difficulties with the client could be spent winning new business.
bulletSuperior performance results in superior award fees
bulletHR can focus on employee retention issues and communication development between management and employees.
bulletSuccessful recruiting is the best advertising and public relations campaign. Word of mouth grows your reputation empirically. The best companies constantly sell candidates on the value of the company which is then broadcast throughout the community.
bulletSuperior service nearly always wins more business.
bulletThe first impression a new client gets is from the quality of the staff and how rapidly the vacancies are filled with great talent. There is no second chance to create a first impression.
bulletLack of effective staffing inhibits business development initiatives The above quotes are only emblematic of many such comments. Each individual tended to focus on the value recruiting services had to their specific function. However, taken together, the entire value from a strategic perspective should be compelling. Getting the best people in a rapid timeframe creates both short, medium and long-term success for a company in the technology business.