TTL Client Benefits

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Benefits of Utilizing
TTL for Your Recruiting

Detriments of Recruiting
without TTL

Costs nothing to try the service and assess value -
All fees are contingent upon hire
Opportunity Costs -
Time period it takes to fill the position
HR can focus on keeping employees happy rather than sourcing and recruiting Time spent on recruiting - Cost of mishire-
wastes valuable management time
Management can focus on keeping employees happy and new business rather than sourcing and recruiting Lost revenue due to management time focused on hiring, managing customer expectations, counseling employees
Proper hiring reduces turnover Morale costs- employees feel demoralized when their company canít staff with high
Improved recruiting creates more business as new employees bring new contacts and opportunities Time wasted re-recruiting for positions that result from employee turnover
 Cost of recruiting should be amortized over the life of the candidate to reveal true cost Turnover created by impression that company is not focused on growth
Referrals obtained from existing employees generally adds at least 1 more employee over the tenure of the candidate Employees that turnover recruit their ex-coworkers
Hiring the best creates a profits-Gain in profits-Gain in revenue per engineer hired Hiring marginal candidates creates a less profit
or business loss
100% staffing with top candidates propagates client expansion and new business opportunities Lack of effective staffing impacts new marketing initiatives
Improved recruiting creates substantively more visibility for company through free public relations - This is very targeted, focused public relations as the candidates interviewed work directly within the client pool to whom you are marketing Turnover affects customer impression
Inability to deliver superior service impacts reputation